Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Three Choices for Research Paper

1. The first choice would deal with some sort of abnormal psychology. I think I would like to investigate more the study of people and the study of their mind in an abnormal way. This is the study of peoples behaviors, emotions and thought processes. I would most likely narrow this topic down to a more specific study of psychology, but this is just a general idea.
2. My second choice would deal with the study of cognitive psychology. It takes into account internal mental states and acknowledges the use of the scientific method. Generally, a psychological topic would be one I am most interested in.
3. My third choice would probably have something to do with some form of drug abuse, or what drugs are and aren't harmful. Misconceptions on drugs do happen, and I would possibly like to learn more about them.



  1. Hey Ryan,
    I have this class too. And we totally get extra credit if we leave comments on other blogs. So yeah.

    You must be a psych major? Sounds intresting..

  2. Any of the first two topics show interest and spark my attention. Probably because Psychology is one of my favorite subjects, but even if I did not like it, I feel like the first topic would be most interesting to everyone, not just people interested in psychology. Although, that is just what i think. BADAA BING BADDAAA BANG BADDAA BOOOM.